Making his home in Summit County for the past twenty years has given Gary Soles the opportunity to explore and capture the rapture of the mountains, rushing rivers and tranquil meadows which covers the landscape which surround him.


Gary has always reveled in the outdoor life of the land he loves. Coming from Wisconsin in his teens he became enamored with the area while helping a relative develop Loghill Village in the San Juan Mountains, near Ridgway CO. His vow to return again one day brought him to Breckenridge where he began his lifelong career in photography.


Gary's skills as an alpine skier-snowboarder turned telemark skier have enabled him to venture into remote backcountry areas to share the raw essence of the landscapes in his photography. The breadth of his inspirational work encompasses a wide variety of images ranging from the solitude of a lake at sunset, to a moment in time seized as one of the world's top athletes soars off a cliff on skis, or plummets down a mountain on a bike. The art in Gary's work, however, is found in the details; water trickling under a moss-laden rock becomes a world unto itself under Gary's steady lens.


Gary Soles Gallery donates to non-proifts annually, as our commitment to community matters.  With each Gallery piece sold we make sure a part of your purchase is given back. Below is just a sampling of the many to whom we make annual donations. 

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